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The FRIDHA team and its partners provide a range of support services and customized training based on the content and knowledge gained from the field, as well as the individual's background and expertise.

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Today's business world is placing increasing emphasis on the well-being of their employees, particularly to prevent the new scourge of burn outs. Dancing is a WELL-BEING factor which, as well as being a sport, allows you to work on your positioning, attitude, gait, behaviour and emotions.


Through movement, voice and artistic expression, we offer an innovative approach to well-being and team-building within companies. The living arts of dance, voice, theatre and movement are the vehicles we offer your team to reconcile their daily lives with a stimulating and fulfilling adventure.

In short, to challenge themselves and find the inspiration they need to get on with their day-to-day lives.


Congratulations! You want to be part of an organisation that focuses on the well-being of its teams. The aim of this team-building programme is to create a positive dynamic, in a good mood, within your group through the discovery of art therapy as practised on various continents. This coaching combines balance of body and voice with well-being. 

Over the course of a few hours, you'll have the chance to discover your body and demystify movement through dance, song and its rebalancing and stabilising virtues.  


Carry the gesture, carry the movement, inhabit the space, find your support, listen to yourself and others, go to the essential...


Our experienced coaches lead the whole team on this journey of transmission, meeting and sharing in the generosity that allows us to be ourselves.



This program is customized for you. For this, the team needs some time from you to discuss it before you set up your team building. Come as you are and prepare to smile!




1/2-day module: 1500 euros per group of 10 people.

1-day module: 2000 euros per group of 10 people / per day


You would like more information:

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Your well-being is your daily ally! In a good mood and with curiosity, come and discover what your body has to say by letting yourself be guided by our artist coaches and therapists from all over the world. 


Discover new experiences through artistic expression, movement and voice. 

Treat yourself to relaxation, inspiration and reflection to re-stimulate your sensations, seek your own catharsis and boost your life transitions.


Discover our artists:

Maria Kelsey:Welcome to Osteocanto

Zam Martino:Nyangazam co.

Aurelie Pancera



Each of our packages is tailor-made.

Over the course of a few hours, you'll have the chance to discover your body and demystify movement through dance, song and its re-balancing and stabilising virtues.


Themes of work:

Managing emotions

Managing areas of life

Cycles and transitions

Influencing posture;



2 hours module: 100 euros

1/2 day module: 300 Euro


1 hour module: 50 Euro

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Come and go green! We can help you with your tailor-made project...


Are you interested in getting back to nature but don't quite know how to go about it? Would you like to enjoy this very special experience on your own or with a targeted group (your family, friends and/or colleagues, clients)? Need some inspiration?

Quinsa general view.jpg

Design your customized project according to your current needs!

Why and how can you have a meaningful experience by taking a break from your routine? »

We offer to support you in designing your break project through one or more coaching sessions: Live a meaningful experience during a break to create value in your life”

We have a network of partners dedicated to bringing places, atmospheres and values to life. From the cliffs of Venasque in the Provence of Avignon, in France to those of Piedra del Aire in the state of Hidalgo, via the Forest of Brocéliande and the Oaxacan coast of the Mexican Pacific, initiatives for eco-places are emerging after years of cultivation. All are converging on the same values and convictions, with colourful cultural specificities.

More information:

Discover our different residences...

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