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Founded in 2018, the Forum for Research, Innovation, Human Development and the Arts (FRIDHA) is based on its founder's determined commitment to restore the letter of humanistic capitalism by building bridges and mobilising a network of people who share the same ideas and are willing to contribute to the co-creation of economic opportunities, improve the good - be social and care for the environment.

Inspired by certain European Union policies, such as the Strategy for International Cultural Cooperation, FRIDHA members are committed to driving change by creating quality dialogues and promoting education, research, entrepreneurship, and social innovation, particularly through the arts, especially dance, and meaningful community projects.

In fact, we use two levers that we consider essential to bring us back to the "human" and generate value-creating social dynamics:

* Artistic expression as a tool for education, well-being and social construction. We believe that personal development through art can lead to improvements in society.

* Regenerative agriculture and a sense of community with the land to improve the quality of life of communities and their environment.

For this reason, all of our activities, whether our support services or our fundraising efforts, touch on these two areas in one way or another

We believe that, given the changes in the world, it is urgent to support the solidarity economy and/or the economy “different", so that everyone can find his place.

Aurélie Pancera, Founder

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FRIDHA operates internationally and in particular on three continents (Europe, America, Africa) through a Belgian non-profit organization (FRIDHA asbl) and a social enterprise (The FRIDHA Company).

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