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The FRIDHA team and its partners provide a range of support services and customized training based on the content and knowledge gained from the field, as well as the individual's background and expertise.

Our consulting services focus on team building and social dynamics.



We contribute to ensuring that the seminars organized by our partners and/or clients provide constructive and dynamic dialogue.

  • Support for the organization of local and international seminars: creation of an agenda, discussion methodology, content creation, moderation of discussion panels, presentations.

  • Fields of expertise: these bring together both the expertise of our international experts (refers to BOARD) and the priority research themes of the FRIDHA laboratory (link).Examples: creative industries, sustainable development, public policies, research and innovation, cooperation policies and programs, impact of art on society, human rights, new financing mechanisms for social innovation.

  • In FR/EN/ES.


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Whether it is to help you respond to calls for projects, create your business plan, write your statutes or think about the future organization of your family's affairs, we advise you on getting your business started. project.

We specialize in the following themes:

  • Assistance in setting up European and national projects (response to calls for tender, budget preparation, drafting project proposals, team coordination);

  • Assistance with the implementation and evaluation of projects;

  • Assistance in creating structures (creating your business plan, drafting statutes, building and managing teams, etc.);

  • Advice on asset transfer, particularly in the family context;

  • Investment with social and environmental impact, particularly in the context of eco-places.

Make an appointment to tell us your needs. We listen to your needs to offer you our services, in one session or over time.

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