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As an artist photographer, my work aims to enhance and preserve the memory of the know-how of exceptional people, places and objects found mainly in museums around the world.

Through my meticulous work with light, I bring a fresh perspective to our common heritage, convey emotions and create a sense of pride.


Often carrying a historical and artistic message, my art photographs thus become the ideal medium to tell "Beautiful Stories" and inspire the younger generations.


Among my main works are Che Guevara's motorcycle photographed in Cuba, Adolphe Sax's original saxophone (1848) photographed at the Musical Instruments Museum, the courtrooms of the world's largest courthouse in Brussels and the skeleton of a T-Rex kept at the Belgian Natural Sciences Museum, 7 meters long.


My creations, which are only shaped by 'light stencils' at the time of shooting, can sometimes take up to 8 hours for the most complex images.


My artistic intention is illustrated by a cinematographic lighting coupled with a deep black that I create with each shot. My luminous signature is inspired by Rembrandt's 'chiaroscuro' technique to highlight the subject and the colours.

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