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In 2014, the non-profit organisation Nyangazam, hosted by the Yantra Academy, is developing the Art and Society section, the aim of which is to overcome the professional-amateur divide and to integrate its actions into intercultuality, intergenerational and informal education.


These dancing women are an emulation of this dynamic, a project led by Nyangazam NGO (link) and that FRIDHA particularly likes and is proud to support.

All active in society, such as researchers,

business leaders, economic and political analysts, translators, communicators, European programme administrators, producers, psychologists and sports coaches, they struggle on a daily basis to find a place and contribute to the creation of values in society.


Single or mothers, of all ages and backgrounds, they found themselves in Brussels, the European capital that they consider to be a welcoming place where they aspire to sharing and harmony. In this quest, they are independent, and they assume it.


They have been meeting for more than five years at the Yantra Academy, every week, three times a week when they can, to express themselves, let off steam, let go, let themselves live around their passion for movement. And around Zam Ebale, who knows how to both "manage" them and make them anchor in their bodies, while allowing them to escape from their sometimes heavy daily lives.


 By observing these dancing women, Zam has taken inspiration from them to deepen her pedagogy and make these urban rituals a real laboratory of creation advocating listening to oneself for the respect of the dignity of one's own life, and the vital drive, so essential to preserve in our contemporary society.


Her challenge: to stage these dancing women, to push them ever further away from their comfort zones, to offer them an adventure that makes them vibrate because aren't vibration and drive the essential ingredients to keep people and society standing?

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