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Africa is currently witnessing a cultural renaissance in which contemporary dance is playing a central role. Dynamic cities such as Ouagadougou, Johannesburg, Maputo, Abidjan, Brazzaville and Dakar have become hotbeds of burgeoning choreographic creativity. In this context, the Centre de Développement Chorégraphique - La Termitière in Ouagadougou occupies an exceptional position as a driving force behind the growth of contemporary dance in Africa. The CDC - La Termitière plays a crucial dual role in the African cultural landscape. On the one hand, it acts as a guarantor of artistic excellence, encouraging innovative choreographic creation and advanced artistic research. On the other, it is actively involved in structuring cultural initiatives aimed at widening access to contemporary dance for a variety of audiences, whether they be Burkinabe, African or from all over the world.

However, this cultural boom poses a crucial question: how can we guarantee the continuity and sustainable development of contemporary dance in Africa, while ensuring the expansion and accessibility of this form of artistic expression? 
To address this issue, the CDC- La Termitière has set up the "Yeleen don" programme, a three-year professional training programme launched in 2009, with the Nyangazam Dance Company as one of our partners. Training young dancers is of vital importance in guaranteeing artistic excellence and the long-term future of contemporary dance in Africa. As well as learning dance movements and techniques, this training is a beacon of hope for many young people who face challenges such as poverty, lack of opportunity and marginalisation. It is much more than just an artistic education: it is a chance to develop, overcome obstacles and build a promising future. By becoming the guardians of the continent's cultural and artistic heritage, these young dancers play an essential role in preserving and propagating African artistic traditions, while bringing a new creative perspective to the world of contemporary dance.

Since the beginning of 2020, FRIDHA has supported our activities and its involvement as a partner symbolizes Impact, youth and innovation for us.
To maintain this artistic vitality in the long term while meeting the diverse needs of the artistic community and the public, we have initiated the construction of a second studio. Creating a dedicated studio provides essential space for creativity, training and artistic collaboration.

FRIDHA provided substantial support of 18,716,881 FCFA over three years. This aid made it possible to take charge of the training of dancers by paying the teachers, thus improving the quality of teaching. It also facilitated the participation of foreign speakers by covering the costs of travel, accommodation and catering, encouraging their involvement. In addition, FRIDHA played a key role in initiating the construction of a second studio. Payments spread over three years have optimized resource management and efficient use of funds at a particularly delicate time due to the pandemic.

FRIDHA's impact has been transformative, improving the quality of artistic training, strengthening member engagement through logistical support, and propelling the activities of CDC la termitière through the launch of construction of the second studio. This collaboration generated an environment conducive to artistic growth and sustainable development and above all made it possible to keep the Center afloat in the context of the Covid 19 pandemic, as well as the community around:
*   Influence on the local community: Improved arts training has inspired the community by highlighting the role of art and culture in personal and community development.
*   Encouraging social engagement: FRIDHA's commitment to young people and innovation has encouraged others to invest in similar initiatives.
*   Economic effect: Support for the second studio stimulated the local economy, creating opportunities for entrepreneurs.
*   Promotion of positive values: The values of trust and fairness promoted by FRIDHA have influenced other partners and associations.
*   Successful partnership model: The collaboration with FRIDHA can inspire other associations for successful partnerships.

Lessons learned include:

*  The importance of a strong partnership to effectively achieve project objectives.
*  The need to diversify sources of financing to ensure financial stability.
*   The advantages of sharing common values to strengthen identity and create positive synergies.
*   How an artistic project can generate a broader social and economic impact.
*   The importance of long-term financial planning for the sustainability of activities.
*   Inspiration for creative initiatives thanks to financial resources.
*   How a successful collaboration can encourage other similar projects.

The CDC - La Termitière is grateful for the past while opening itself to new possibilities. We understand the value of each contribution and the essential role our partners play in making our vision a reality. We greatly value the relationship we have built with FRIDHA and look forward to the opportunity to continue this successful collaboration.


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