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Did you say impact?

How can we build more accessible and/or tailor-made financial instruments to facilitate the circulation of money in the different economies that coexist without knowing each other?


How can contract law and legal formalism be rethought to better forge bonds of trust between responsible and bona fide persons? How can we do more with less? How are dynamics and awareness generated?


It is largely these questions that motivated the small Holding The FRIDHA Company to launch two pilot initiatives:

  • Micro-credits

  • Mini-equity


Did you say micro-credits?

The FRIDHA Company set up a pilot line of mini-loans in 2017 to support quality projects requiring reactivity, cash flow and a lot of confidence!

Coming back to a couple of experiments that we are proud of!

micro crédits


QUERU'Cantina Mexicana' is the new and 2nd company or chef Alberto Nol.



Coming in 2020


Did you say "equity"?

Equity is the English term for company shares. We are also talking about the equity capital held in a company. An equity therefore materializes the contributions made by the company's shareholders when it is created or subsequently during a capital increase.

The FRIDHA Company is interested in "mini-equity" financing methods, i.e. the possible acquisition of equity stakes in emerging companies up to 10,000 - 15,000 euros.


To think about, in case affinity....


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