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OUR countryside

The countryside is our sources and resources. The return to basics, the earth, food, observation, breathing, meditation, contemplation.


The values and practices accorded to the management of its resources are essential, also for the future of increasingly populated cities and humanity.


We like their values and their approach to the countryside...


FRIDHA organizes tailor-made stays with our friends:


Gaia Sana:

A whole poem....

Mexico, State of Hidalgo. Huasca, Real del Monte, in the heart of majestic landscapes, the Mercado de la Obsidiana, the Galera...

Latin American course and diploma on organic agriculture.

Zuu and Juan welcome you....


Les Jardins de Toucanne 

Welcome to Brittany

Recover biodiversity from conventional agriculture. Example from the country of Brocéliande, Brittany.

3 minutes from the small town of Montauban, 30 minutes from Rennes, 50 minutes from Saint-Malo. Diversity of arts too. Woofers welcome.


Louis Collet welcomes you...

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