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The Scholarships and Coup d’Pouce program was launched as a pilot initiative over the period 2019 and 2022, with two objectives: 


1) Support people in life transition and striving to bounce back and open up new opportunities; 


2) Promote cultural exchange scholarships to spark dialogue and inspire change.

The total amount of this 4-year pilot program was 60,000 euros, or an annual average of 15,000 euros. 82% of funds were dedicated to the first objective of supporting people in transition, compared to 18% for the second objective. The amounts of grants and assistance varied between 300 euros and 19,500 euros. This program made it possible to finance 13 scholarships and individual support, an average of 4,600 euros per scholarship. These were sometimes granted in several installments. Throughout the meetings, it was about supporting the elderly by helping a courageous woman to finance work to launch a Bed & Breafast in the Yucatan in Mexico and thus be able to ensure a minimum income for peaceful old days. A young dancer also asked us to invest in a small shop to allow him and his cousin to start selling sandwiches. Housing someone temporarily, paying for a plane ticket that will allow them to try their luck, paying for a second-hand computer that works well, helping to pay a very annoying bill, helping to pay a deposit, so many small gestures that can restore hope at a difficult time.

The lessons learned through this program are rich and help to nourish the reflections carried out within the framework of the FRIDHA Action Research Laboratory, in particular the theme of the relationship with money, transmission, migrant status, etc. 

Given the success of this program, and the existing needs to restore glimmers of hope and inspiration, we have decided to relaunch a Scholarship and Helping Hands campaign which will remain open until June 2025, when will give us a new point.

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