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Creation by Alberto Nol of the Mexican canteen Queru, Lahaye, Holland. 



Alberto Nol, a Mexican chef, made his name by opening his first gourmet restaurant Ruiseñor in 2015 on Denneweg in The Hague. The specialty: Mexican emotional food, surprise menus combining small gourmet dishes inspired by the stories, textures, flavors and scents of Mexico.


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In 2018, Alberto decided  to create a canteen Mexican in order to  consolidate the base financial of Ruiseñor and  to pay tribute to  his father just  deceased.

QUERU, named after his father, welcomes us in a festive and warm atmosphere.

You can taste tasty cocktails there, not to mention the tacos that accompany them to delight our taste buds.

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Located at Prinsesstraat 30 in the heart of downtown Lahaye, Queru not only managed to survive the difficult Covid ordeal but also finished repaying the loan that FRIDHA had granted it! It is therefore a huge success for its manager and chef Alberto Nol, of whom we are very proud and of whom we have not stopped hearing about!

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